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Condensing Modulating Heat Generator L.H.E.M.M. MK

Condensing Modulating Heat Generator

The L.H.E.M.M. is a condensing heat generator for indoor installation, consisting of several elements completely preassembled and independent from each other.

This construction philosophy allows to achieve a very high ratio of power modulation, and therefore the maximum functional and logistic versatility: for instance, full maintenance cycles can be carried out without interrupting the system operation, thus making the L.H.E.M.M.  a real continuous service system. The L.H.E.M.M. condensing heat generator is therefore irreplaceable where a constantly high efficiency and the highest degree of reliability are needed.

The system integrates the collectors for the transport of water and fuel, making the installation quick and easy, and optimizing the available space in the boiler room.

The heat generator L.H.E.M.M. is designed and produced in order to simplify the installation and management of medium power installations; it relieves  the operators from problems of assembly and installation, and it drastically reduces the possibility of errors.

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